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Aniseed Balls

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A classic sweet with a hard, deep red shell and a crunchy, aniseed flavour. 

Aniseed balls were created in the 1910s and are made from aniseed oil.

Aniseed balls were popular with children during the first and second world wars. Apart from being a food stuff, Aniseed balls were also used as a time delay for setting off explosives in Limpet mines during World War 2, giving soldiers an edge against the Nazis. A Limpet mine was an explosive weapon meant to be attached to the bottom of a ship by a diver. They only problem was, the Limpet mines kept going off too quickly not leaving enough time for the diver to swim away. The solution? Aniseed balls! Because Aniseed balls dissolve slowly in water, it allowed the diver enough time to escape before the Limpet mine exploded.

Choose from 100g or 200g bag or a small victorian style sweet jar containing 321g for that perfect little gift.

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For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold.

Dextrose, flavourings, maltodextrin, anticaking agent: magnesium stearate; modified starch, colours: E129, E151; glazing agent: carnauba wax.

Warning: E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Nutritional Values
Typical Values per 100g

1596 kj

380 kcal


of which saturates

2 g

1.5 g


of which sugars

89 g

89 g


0 g



1 g



0.005 g