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Apples to Pears

Quiz in a Tin - Mega Music Quiz

Suitable for ages 12 Years+

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Have a go and see how you do! (Answers below!)

  • Who released 'Release Me' in the 1960s?
  • Who created the album Bat Out of Hell in 1977?
  • Which song are these lyrics from? ‘A little bit of Monica in my life’  (1999) 
  • What is the stage name of singer Alecia Beth Moore (clue: P)

A fun new quiz game where the roll of the dice dictates the questions. In this tiny tin there are over 600 questions on the best music and performers across all the genres. From rock to pop, jazz to blues, even opera to disco! After play it all packs away in the tin so great for travel as well as at home. Suits two or more players divided in two teams (Recommended for adults and younger ones 12 and over). Play it again and again... 

Tin Size 12.6x8.7x5.2cm


Answers 1: Englebert Humperdink 2: Meatloaf 3: Mambo no.5 4: Pink