About Us

The Forgotten Toy Shop is the place to reignite the joy of child's play and to help bring the magic of childhood back and make it simple again.

Our goal is to provide safe, quality products that inspire you and the child(ren) in your life to relax into a space where the magic of childhood can flourish, where kids can be kids, where people can interact, and where you can revel in the pleasure of simply spending time together.

Meet the Owner

Hello, my name is Karen, I am the owner and creator of The Forgotten Toy Shop. I live in a small village on the outskirts of Nottingham with my partner, our two crazy Labradors, Flynn & Wilson and son, Zachary (who is now the chief toy tester). I have worked within many different career sectors but the one thing that has always been there is giving outstanding customer service. Listening to the customers and providing the service that they need.

Why did I create The Forgotten Toy Shop?

In 2009 I returned from travelling around Australia and I needed a job so with the help of some friends I started running a market stall selling gifts and some traditional toys. It became apparent that I had more passion in selling the toys than the gifts, so I sold off the gifts and built up my range of toys.

I soon learnt that there is a large range of children's toys that are beautifully made, unique, and long lasting out there that can inspire children to create, to discover, and to imagine and that they can allow parents and grandparents to reconnect with the magic of their childhood and, in turn, share it now with those that matter most. I was finding old toys that I used to have and I just knew that I had to share them with everyone.

Why called The Forgotten Toy Shop?

I am often asked why I called my business 'The Forgotten Toy Shop'... It's simple really. I wanted to come up with a name that represented the traditional, nostalgic toys that I sell, but with the most of the likely names such as 'Traditional Toy Shop' taken I  had to find something different.

Then one day when I was out on the market stall, I had a group of people looking at my stall and I could hear them saying "Oh look I forgot about that toy" and I thought to myself, that's it.... and the business name The Forgotten Toy Shop was born.

Where can you find The Forgotten Toy Shop?

As well as being able to buy from this website, we also stock a small selection of early years toys and games at Snuggles & Kisses at 39b&c Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1EN

  The Forgotten Toy Shop was awarded The Good Toy Guide's Retailer of the Month in January 2015.