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National Children's Day UK

On Sunday the 12th May it is National Children’s Day UK. This day is all about the importance of children, focusing on their rights and freedom of childhood that will help them grow into happy healthy adults.



Children's Day was established in 1954 by the UN General Assembly to be a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. Many other countries celebrate the day on the 20th of November, the United Nations nominated day, but in the UK we celebrate it at the beginning of the summer to make the most of being outdoors.

Young children today are struggling with pressures that were completely unknown to previous generations. The changing nature of family and community life, the rise in technology, the increasing influence of the media, the lack of contact with nature, the pressures of the schooling system and the demands of having to constantly look right, achieve and be subject to the incessant judgment of others, have all steadily eroded the environments and experiences they need in order to flourish.

It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get playful, but it’s also a time to get a bit reflective about what makes a good life and whether we are getting our priorities right for children and families.

There are many ways you can help celebrate National Children’s Day UK, from small family and community get-togethers to city celebrations and countywide events, it's a day when everybody can help raise awareness and funding for great local projects and the things that they care or are concerned about.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do either on the Sunday or the week leading up to it:-

Screen Free Day

Make a whole day where both the children and adults have a screen free day. By doing this, it means you can fill your day with lots of different activities that you can all do together.

Nature Walk

As long as the good old British weather behaves itself, get yourself out into Nature. Create a nature trail, with a check sheet and see how many things can be found. Make the most of it and take along a picnic.

old fashioned games

Get together some old games, that you’ve had stuck at the back of the cupboard or in the loft, and take a trip down memory lane, bringing back the magic of childhood. Teach your children the toys and games you used to love as a child.

build a den

You can pretty much make a den anywhere and out of anything. Dens can be built indoors or outdoors. Encouraging children to make dens is a great way to stimulate their imagination, taking them to a new world, creating adventures and best of all having fun.

community events

Check your local noticeboards to see if any community events have been arranged to celebrate National Children’s Day UK.

kids rule take over day

If you feel brave enough, make a day or maybe just a morning for the children to be in charge. They decide on the activities they want to do and you have to do as you are told!

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun, let the children be children, and why not let yourself be a little childish. Let your imaginations take you on magical adventures and spend quality family time together. And don't forget to let everyone know you are taking part in National Children's Day UK #NCDUK2019

During this week (starting Monday 6th May) as part of supporting National Children’s Day UK. I will be offering 20% off a different product each day until Sunday 12th May from my online store. Please visit the Forgotten Toy Shop's Facebook page during the week to find out which products are on offer.

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