The History of Snakes & Ladders

Karen Dorn

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The History of Snakes & Ladders
What a fun game snakes and ladders is, wouldn’t you agree. I bet you would like to know where the game came from, well let me tell you all about this magical extraordinary game. 

Playing Outdoors

The long school summer holidays are fast approaching and it looks to be a summer of fine weather so lets encourage our children to put down the game consoles, turn off the TV and get out into the wonderful fresh air and create some fun!

A pastime that children can play either indoors or out.

So who remembers making dens when they were a kid? I know I do. My first memories of making dens were when I was 4 years old. I remember using a pair of old clotheshorses and taking the clean sheets that my mum had just ironed and put away. I would spend hours in there with my toys making my own little world.

Daisy Chains

I was just out walking my dog, Flynn, and noticed all the daisies popping up in the new spring grass and it made me remember the countless spring and summer days either sitting in the school playing field or in the local village green and making daisy chains with my friends.

Movers & Shakers

Karen Dorn

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Check out this video of the new arrivals wind up Robot, Walrus with his ball and Guardsman doing their thang!!!