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Personalised Letter from Santa, Magical Key & Reindeer Food

Suitable for ages 3 Years+

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Our personalised Santa Letter, Magical Key & Reindeer Food Set makes the perfect gift for creating Christmas magic.

The letters are created and printed on A4 vintage paper and placed in an addressed and Santa stamped envelope with a North Pole wax seal. The key is attached to a personalised tag and will be placed inside the letter.

To make the letter, we require the following:

  • The first paragraph is personalised for your child. Please provide us with some information that you would like the child to be recognised for by Santa.
~I understand that you have just started school and are settling in really well. 
~I hear that you had a visit to the hospital and you were really brave, well done.
~You're a big brother/sister now and you are doing so well helping mummy & daddy
  • Please also let us know if your child has written to Santa so that we can acknowledge this and if they have asked for anything in particular that they will be getting.
  • The name of the child and the address (just the first line and the town is needed) of the child for the letter envelope.

The Key and Reindeer food will be placed in the box along with a little note from Santa and some candy canes. The enveloped personalised letter will be attached to the front of the box under the string.

This will be sent to you bubble wrapped to keep from damage and then will be perfect for you to place for your child to find. Whether that be within your mail, by the fire, under the Christmas tree or with their favourite toy.