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The Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit

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Fancy yourself as a budding ornithologist?

Entice your feathered friends to come closer by providing a delicious dining experience that is just perfect for pecking. The reusable Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit is a simple, fun and brilliant way to coax nature even nearer.

Offering every child an outdoor experience whatever the weather, this Make a Pizza for the Birds Kit was lovingly designed to capture creative imaginations, encourage resourcefulness and innovation, provide escape and sanctuary, and most of all supply hours and hours of simple fun.

For boys and girls, for everywhere and for years to come - the gift of adventure.


  • 2 reusable wooden pizza bases.
  • 3 refillable hessian sacks of bird food.
  • Three different sorts of seasonal bird food to appeal to different birds - including mixed bird seed and sunflower seeds. May include peanuts.
  • 9 bird identification and information cards.
  • Instructions.

WARNING! Contains seeds and peanuts. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Store this kit in a cool and dry place, away from pests. Assembled at premises where peanuts are used.